Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CA Capital Book Festival Review

It was so awesome to work and meet some local authors. I had got there early to Volunteer. I also did take look at the floor before I did my " Job".  I was there for long time not doing a thing, and there were many other people doing the job.
I was able to sit in a panel , and I did listen to Brenda Novak.  It was great to get her thoughts on the Kathleen Hale situation. I also found that she reads her bad  reviews...I guess she has read my past reviews of her series and my thoughts of it going down hill.
I know that this was the FIRST one ever , and alot of kinks need to be worked out. I enjoyed myself and I loved meeting other book lovers. I would have liked to have stayed the whole day but we had something else on the agenda.

This was a first ever book Festival and overall it was fun and good. I enjoyed being able to meet authors . I did also into a writing panel , and that was interesting too. I like the shirt I got for working the event. I did see lots of other author's but I didn't get pictures with them. 
Brenda Novak speaking 
Myself and Brenda 
The only book I got from the book Festival -after Brenda's chat 
Where I hung out and directed volunteer's and Authors 

All Broke down

All Broke down
2nd in a series
for review
William morrow
Oct 28

Dylan loves to save things . Silas has some anger issues. They meet up in jail . He bails her out of jail & goes back to the party with the team.

Dylan is trying to find her place & Silas is running from his past. They are both attracted to each other. They both are doing some service and they are getting to know one another better. She slowly gets to know his friends Carter, Carson, Stella, Ryan & Torres.

Stella made this book and loved her honesty. I also loved seeing the Coach and the tea, . Silas and Dylan had some sexy times , and they both grew and changed in this book.

This did remind me of Between the lines  a little. I also loved learning about football. I thought the next book would be about Stella. I adore this author so much.

Book Review= B

Thanks so much to William Morrow and this is my Honest Review

Monday, October 27, 2014


for review
Nov 4

Jayden is betrothed to Horeb. Since the death of his brother he has changed , and not very nice. Jayden is on her way to becoming a young woman. There is a celebration for her upcoming marriage to Horeb. They dance as ladies to celebrate fertility and those rites. Her mom is pregnant. Laila is her older sister, and loves to dance. They are a desert living people.

Jayden mom dies soon after she gives birth to twins. Most of the camp has already left and moved to the next area. Jayden does all that she camp to help her dad, and siblings. She is dancing near the grave of her mom, and a stranger is watching her. This stranger also ends up helping the family along the way. Kadesh has secrets, and has been hurt. Along the way to the others, Kadesh and Jayden slowly start falling in love. She slowly realizes that she doesn't want to marry Horeb. Laila wants to live in the city and dance as a priestess.

I enjoyed this book so much. I loved the setting , and that dancing was involved. I do hope that there is another book in this world. Jayden grew up and becomes a stronger women. She did all that she could to keep her promises to her mother. I loved the stolen glances, and those conversations between Jayden and Kadesh.

Book Review= B+

Thanks so much to Harper Collins and this is my Honest Review

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Get Happy

Get Happy
For review
stand alone
Oct 28

Minerva is being raised by her mom. She gets a package from her dad, and becomes more curious about him. She also gets this package for her 16th birthday. She also gets a job singing, and being a mermaid.

She is friends with Finn, Hayes, and Cassie. She enjoys her job, but she starts stalking Cassie blog about sea horses.

She talks with her aunt, and gets more information about him. She does something big, and her parents end up fighting . She also crosses things off Hayes bucket list.

Minerva wrote  some cute songs, and this book was about girl figuring things out with friends, and family. She also loves to play the Uke.

Book Review= C

Thanks so much to Egmont and this is my honest Review

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Heart of Christmas

The Heart of Christmas
#7 in the series
Oct 28

Eve is turning 35 , and goes to sexy Sadie's, and she goes home with a man. He also happens to be a patron of the B & B. He is hiding out and doing business. Eve also know's about Chey's secret. Ted & Sophia are also in this book.

Eve & Brent are both attracted to each other. They both can't seem to stay away from each other. He is keeping secrets and he doesn't want to hurt her. Eve and Brent figure out on their first night that they weren't always safe with sex. She might be pregnant. She also doesn't want secrets with her parents since they are visiting.

Eve does some sleuthing about Brent. Ted is protective of her , and he wants to solve the mystery of the B & B. Her friends end up helping her and Brent out. Dylan and Chey are a big part of this book too.

I am still on the fence with this series. There was a lot of lying happening through out the book, and many secrets being kept. The situation with Chey isn't resolved yet, but we are getting closer to it. It feels like that we are in a soap opera. Ted, Sophia, Dylan were all busy bodies to Eve and Brent's relationship. It appears that 7th seems to be my break up book. I do want to see what happens with Chey & Dylan, but I don't care since that relationship was destroyed by LYING. This book had so many lies & secrets and it just like the previous book. Brent did have some serious issues to deal with but I never saw them on a date. It seemed that this was a sexual relationship.

I do love this group and glad to see so many of them are getting their Happy Ever After's . I love this series and this is a local author to me. Ugh I wish I wasn't so Meh about this book.

*** I just found that Brent/Rex is from another one of her book series. Still I didn't like the lying.

Book Review= C

Thanks so much to the author for this book and this my Honest Review

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blue Lily, Lily Blue

Blue Lily, Lily Blue
3rd in a series
Net Galley
for review
Oct 21

Blue's mom disappears . Gansey and Blue relationship gets closer . Adam and Ronin start hanging out more and working together on their magic more. Blue also learns more about her magic. Mr. Grey is in the book, and we meet Mr. Greenmantle and his wife piper.

This book was about the friendships for these four. Blue really likes Gansey more Adam. I enjoyed Ronin and Adam's friendship develop more. In this book we learn more about the ley line & Sleepers & Kings. Blue is a big part of this book. I can't wait to see how this series ends. Maggie's writing is always so amazing. I love the Raven Boys series.

Book Review= B+

Thanks so much to Scholastic and this is my Honest Review

Friday, October 17, 2014

Capital Book Festival


The 2014 California Capital Book Festival is a free public event for book lovers, featuring prize-winning authors, presentations, children’s entertainers and activities, booksellers and other exhibitors. This inaugural literary event will be held Saturday, October 25, 10am-5pm and Sunday, October 26, 11am-5pm at the Sacramento Convention Center.
Meet and hear famous authors and illustrators, from across the US and around the world, as they present and sign their books.
Visit special venues: Culinary Delights, Kids Alley, Field of Sports, and All Things Pets. 

I will be there and totally excited to meet all of you . I am excited to see Brenda Novak, Alexis BassTracy ClarkDonna Cooner,Kelly Loy GilbertJenna Elizabeth Johnson , Hannah JayneStacey LeeJenny LundquistSabaa TahirJessica TaylorTalia Vance , Kelley York. This event sounds amazing .